Law on education, completed in the Government’s meeting

Emil Boc on Monday said in the opening of the Government’s meeting that the ministers will take the last-minute decisions regarding the amendments submitted by MPs to the law on education and are expected to hammer out the last variant ahead of the Government’s assuming responsibility in Parliament.

‘At this meeting we’ll take the last-minute decisions regarding the amendments submitted by MPs, amendments which have been examined. At the meeting we’ll take the final decisions about their acceptance or rejection,’ said PM Emil Boc.

Boc said that due to accepted are only those amendments which are in line with the National Education Pact’s principles of the ruling programme, whereas those which are not in line with this framework, including the one on the single pay, will be rejected.
‘This evening, after the Government’s meeting the expert panel will introduce the accepted amendments,’ said PM Boc.

On Tuesday the Government will assume responsibility in Parliament for the three law packages on education, single pay and reshuffling of governmental agencies.

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