MFP raises RON 1.26 billion in TC issue

The Public Finance Ministry (MFP) on Monday raised more than RON 1.26 billion in an issue of discount treasury certificates arranged for auction by the National Bank of Romania (BNR).

The securities mature in six months. The issue was awarded for an average yield rate of 9.92 percent and an average weighted discount rate of 9.45 percent.
The total value of the issue stood at RON 1.1 billion, for a total demand of RON 2.64 billion from the 13 participating banks.

MFP has scheduled for September auctions for three-year bonds – treasury certificates and benchmark securities – worth RON 6 billion, after having raised more than RON 2.9 billion in August issues.
The next auction, for three-year securities, is taking place on September 17 for a contemplated value of RON 950 million. On September 21 another auction follows for one-year treasury certificates worth RON 1 billion.

The last September auction will be conducted on 28 for six-month discount treasury certificates worth RON 900 million.
In the first eight months of 2009, MFP raised nearly RON 51.3 billion from the market, compared with RON 12.5 billion in all in 2008.
One week ago, the MFP rejected all buying bids submitted by commercial banks for one-year treasury certificates, according to data disclosed by the BNR.


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