Petrom cuts price for petrol and diesel by 3 bani

Oil Company Rompetrol cuts the reference price of petrol and diesel both by 3 bani (division of Romanian national currency leu) on Monday, according to a release of the company.

Thus, a litre of lead free petrol costs 3.71, while a litre of lead free Top Premium 99+ will sell for 4.08 lei per litre, a litre of OMV Carrera 95 will cost 3.85 lei per litre and OMV Carrera 100 will cost -4.48 lei per litre.

The diesel fuel prices will change as follows: Top Euro Diesel 5 / Top Nordic Diesel will cost 3.61 lei a litre, while OMV Sprint Diesel will cost 3.66 lei per litre, Euro Diesel 5 will cost 3.45 lei and OMV Alpin Diesel will cost 3.94 lei.
Last time when Petrom cut its prise for diesel by 3 bani per litre was September 3.

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