PSD leader: Breaking up coalition means huge political crisis

President of the Social Democratic Party (PSD) Mircea Geoana on Monday said in Calarasi (south-east of Bucharest) in a news conference that braking up coalition means huge political crisis.

‘We can be sure that some thinks will happen automatically. There will be difficult to set up a new government and what is even more concerning is that the loans from the International Monetary Fund, the World Bank and the European Commission will be most likely postponed, sine die. If breaking up the coalition is aimed, let it break up then, said the social-democrat leader.

Mircea Geoana also said that it is not normal that the coalition tears apart in this delicate moment for Romania.
‘Who will knock off the balance of the few political instability is responsible and will be responsible for deepening the crisis, for the possible lack of resources for pension and salaries in Romania.

No one will invest in a country that doesn’t have a minimum of political coherence. Thus, the risks of instability are severe for Romania’s interest, Geoana concluded.

PSD leader warned against the politicanist rush to adopt laws which govern the public and educational sector in an ‘ultra-urgency’ regime. According to him, the fact that at the level of government people are working day and night to sort and assess amendments made in Parliament shows that more time would have been needed.

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