500 euros for permanent education of each child

The state supports the right to permanent education by granting the sum representing the equivalent in lei of 500 euros, calculated at the rate of exchange leu/euro, communicated by the National Bank of Romania and valid at the date of the payment, for each child who is a Romanian citizen, at its birth, according to the bill for the national education in the form assumed by the government.

The sum is granted for an educational purpose to the benefit of the child in question, from the state budget, through the budget of the Ministry of Labour, Family and Social Security.

The sum goes to a deposit account, called fund for permanent education, opened at the Treasury of the state, in the name of the child by each of the natural parents, by the person empowered by them or by the legal representative of the child, on the basis of the birth certificate.

The parents of the child, who are tax payers, can direct to the account a percentage of up to two from the value of the annul tax on the revenues from salaries, in the conditions of the law, and can deposit sums in this account and for the deposited sums an annual interest is paid, for a rate of the interest set by order of the minister of Public Finance.

The owner of the account is the only person who can withdraw sums from the account for permanent education, starting with the age of fourteen years, and with the special agreement, after the case, of the parents, the person in charge or the legal representative, reads the bill.

The sums are used for the aqusition of calculation technique, computer programmes, documentary accounts as well as for the financing of the studies of the child in charge, and their withdrawal in other conditions and/or their use for another purpose than that set by the law is a crime and is punished with jail from six months to a year.

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