Boc Cabinet assumes responsibility for law on national education

Boc cabinet has assumed responsibility on Tuesday for the draft law on national education before the Parliament’s reunited chambers.
According to the draft laws, compulsory education will be of 11 grades and includes the preparatory class and grades I-X. The obligation of studying in the 11-grade education system stops at 18 years old.

The number of disciplines of the education framework plans will have at most 20 hours a week for primary education and 30 hours at most a week for the secondary education, with these hours being allotted for teaching and studying in class with the help of teachers.

The summative assessments at level of school will be made under the coordination of the school’s managing board, according to methodology approved by order of the Minister of Education, Research and Innovation, at the end of the second grade, for the assessment of pupils’ basic competences:

writing/reading and mathematical elementary operations, at the end of the sixth grade, at the end of the tenth grade, for the assessment of key competences, according to the draft law on education in the form assumed by the Government.

Due to be evaluated are also pupils of the 4th grade for the evaluation of basic competences amassed during the primary education, testing of 8-grade graduates and by the national baccalaureate exam.

The national baccalaureate exam consists of the following summative evaluations: assessment of linguistic competences of oral communication in the Romanian language and in the mother tongue as the case may be, for pupils who graduated high schools in a language of national minorities, testing of linguistic skills in a foreign language studied during high school, evaluation of computer knowledge.

High school graduates will give a written test of Romanian language and literature, common for all specializations, a written test of mother language – common for the same language for students who studied in high schools for national minorities for all the specializations, a written test of mathematics for the sciences department of the theoretical studies in sciences or a test of history for the students of the humanities’ department, a written test chosen by the student between Physics, Chemistry, Biology or Informatics for the students who studied theoretical studies in sciences or between Geography, Philosophy, Logics, debate and communication, Economy, Psychology or Sociology for students of the humanities department.
The baccalaureate exam is considered taken by high school graduates who obtain at least 6 as an average grade.

The draft law also stipulates that studying the Romanian language in school, as official state language is compulsory for all the Romanian nationals irrespective of the ethnic group they belong, whereas the framework education plans should include the necessary number of classes for each education level and provide at the same time conditions for learning of the official state language.

In both state-run and private education system official school and university documents, nominated by order of the minister of education, research and innovation will be drawn in the Romanian language.
The other school and university documents may be drawn up in the taught language or in other foreign language, reads the draft law.

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