Boc: It is time for equity in public pay system

The Government assumes responsibility for the law on single pay for the state employees, a law that will bring equity in the system, said on Tuesday PM Emil Boc in the Parliament’s plenary session.

‘The Government assumes responsibility for a draft law which targets the unitary pay for employees paid from public funds and that will set off for the first time equity and order in the state- run system. The law will remove unjustified, or immoral and in many cases, gaps between the pay levels of various professional categories of the public system,’ said Boc.

He decided that the law on single pay will bring order and equity horizontally between professions and vertically, by reducing the difference between the minimum and maximum pays.

‘The law refers to a big number of employees, given that working today in the state-run sector are over 1,300,000 people, namely one quarter of the people activating in economy. The situation stands like this because of the uncontrolled rise in the administrative apparatus. Measures taken by the old ruling led to unprecedented rise in spending for state-run employees in the share of the budget, said the premier.

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