Education law meets political consensus

PM Emil Boc stressed on Tuesday, in the plenum of Parliament, that the Law on national education is a case that is maybe unique as regards a document meeting the political consensus.

„Maybe it is a unique case when, as regards a field, there is political consensus with respect to what what we have to do, namely the political consensus was won in 2009, when the national pact for education was signed by all the ruling parties,” said the prime minister before starting to present the reform of the educational system.

The law of the national education is an application of what the members of the Government have decided, with the agreement of all the parliamentary political parties, as well as of the union organizations and the NGOs regarding the reforming of the educational system.
The law of the national education is the bill on which the Government assumes responsibility based on art. 114 of the Constitution.

The Government assumes of Tuesday responsibility for three law packages – regarding education, the uniform salary in the budget system and the restructuring of the agencies answerable to the Executive, the rationalization of the public expenses, the support to the business environment and the observance of the agreement with the International Monetary Fund, IMF and the European Commission, EC.

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