Government decides that a head teacher cannot be member of a party

A head teacher will not be able to belong to a party and will have to choose between this position and his or her capacity as a party member within 45 days, the Government members, who put the finishing touches to the education law, decided in their Monday meeting.

According to spokesperson for the Government Ioana Muntean, the Government accepted more than 50 amendments of the parliamentarians out of a total number of over 1,700.

Thus, the Government decided that the head teacher would be elected by a board of directors and he or she must not belong to a political party.
„One third of the school board of directors will be teaching staff, one third, representatives of the parents and one third, representatives of the local authorities.

This school board of directors will elect the head teacher as part of the decentralization process,” said Muntean.
She added that the persons in important public positions cannot hold any of the leading positions of a university and must choose between the two of them.

Another amendment accepted by the Government refers to the obligation to attend the daytime 10-year compulsory education which comes to an end when one is 18 years old.

The Government also decided that the national radio and TV stations will broadcast at least four hours of educational programmes a day.
The Government on Tuesday will assume responsibility before Parliament for the three draft laws on education, the unitary pay and the restructuring of agencies.

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