Gov’t assumes responsibility for uniform law on salary

The Government assumed responsibility on Tuesday, in front of the joint chambers of Parliament, for the uniform single law.
The prime minister gave assurances that in the period of implementation of the law, no person will register a diminution in the gross salary, it benefits from.

I am sure there will always be categories of employees who will say that their labor is more important and that they will deserve more money than others. This is part of the human nature, that is why this law has not been adopted so far, because nobody has had the courage to promote it,” said Emil Boc.

He reiterated that it is for the first time that Romania will have a uniform salary law for the public sector, which sets the basis of an equitable hierarchy in the public sector. Emil Boc accused the previous governments that they „avoided” the assuming of responsibility for this reform.He thanked the Ministry of Labour and that of Finance, the trade unions and the employers’ associations for the drawing up and debate of the budget bill.

„I thank, without hypocrisy, the social partners – the trade unions and the employers’ associations – for the way they got involved. I know that most times we have been on contradictory positions, but the force of arguments has been dominant.

A single law of the salaries in the budget sector has to take into account the interests of all the public employees and not only those of some of them, that is why sometimes we had to have contradictory talks, but I believe they have been based on principles and took into account the public interest,” Boc said.

Following the negotiations with the representatives of the trade unions, the Government voiced the readiness to analyse and accept the amendments of the MP s, including those of the unions tabled through the MPs, to the bills on which the Government assumed responsibility.

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