Investments of 5.8 bln euros in main electricity companies

Investments in the electricity field implemented by companies coordinated by the Ministry of Economy (ME) will total 5.823 billion euros in the upcoming years, according to ME published information.

Termoelectrica Co. investments are up to 140 million euros and represent allocated funds in seven projects.
Electrocentrale Deva (west) Co. is to implement investments of 295 million euros, of which 22.64 million euros own funds. Electrocentrale Deva is to implement three investment projects.

As well, investments in Turceni Energy Complex (south), in the three projects there, are up to 644 million euros. Of the total amount own resources represent 13 million euros.

Investments in Craiova Energy Complex (south) amount to 1.14 billion euros and those in Rovinari Energy Complex (south) to 745.6 million euros, of which 31 million euros from own resources, and 600 million euros public private partnership works.

Transelectrica is to implement 10 new projects whose total value exceeds 335 million euros and Hidroelectrica is to run 15 investment projects in value of 2.389 billion euros.

The Romanian Authority for Nuclear Activities has programmed investments of 111 million euros, of which 14 million euros representing own resources.

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