Leu gets appreciated compared with euro, following trend of hard currencies in region

Romania’s National Bank, BNR, announced, on Tuesday, a reference rate of 4.2673 lei for an euro, down 0.74 bani, 0.17 percent, compared with Monday, when it was traded for 4.2747 lei.

The leu has appreciated vs the euro, after it reached on Monday a minimum of the past five months and three weeks – 4.2747 le i/euros, against the background of the trend of a more serious appreciation vs with the euro, by 0.55 percent, the Czech crown has appreciated 0.34 percent, the Hungarian Forint – 0.19 percent.

After BNR announced the reference rate for the Euro, on the currency exchange the banks posted sale quotations over 4.27 lei/euro, and purchasing quotations of 4.26 lei/euro.

On the futures market of the Sibiu Stock Exchange, the euro is rated at 4.296 lei for the end of Sept and at 4.355 lei for the end of Dec.
Also, the US dollar lost ground by 1.63 bani, 0.55 percent, compared with the value of 2.9410 lei, reported in the previous meeting.
The gram of gold was rated on Tuesday at 93.7869 lei, down 24.96 bani, vs 94.0365 lei, the value set on Monday.

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