Lidia Barbulescu, CSM delegate, in position of head of ICCJ

The department for judges of the Upper Council of Magistrates, CSM, decided the delegation for the position of president of the High Court of Cassation and Justice, ICCJ, of judge Lidia Barbulescu, vice-president of this court.

According to the decision of CSM, made last week and posted on the site of the institution, the delegation of Lidia Barbulescu, a member of the Council, takes effect starting from the date of the vacancy and until it is filled, by appointment, but not more than 6 months.
Judge Lidia Barbulescu was proposed to lead ICCJ, following the pensioning of Nicolae Popa.

President of the Upper Court Nicolae Popa, made a request to CSM, in order to delegate Lidia Barbulescu during the interim, at the head of ICCJ, becoming the representative of the legal power.

President Traian Basescu signed on Monday the decree for the release of Nicolae Popa, from the position of judge and head of ICCJ, following the pensioning, informed the presidential administration.

After the publication in the Official Gazette of the presidential decree, the procedure for appointment for the filling of head of ICCJ, starts.
Nicolae Popa had been head of ICCJ in 2004.


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