„Mangalia seaside” Tourism Exchange, opened by Minister Elena Udrea

Minister of Tourism Elena Udrea attended on Tuesday the opening of „Mangalia seaside” Tourism Exchange, gathering approximately 100 representatives of travel industry employer unions and agencies.

The exchange is organized by the Romanian Tourism Employers’ Federation (FPTR).
Elena Udrea stated that the exchange reflects the importance given to the Black Seaside, a resource for tourism development still not fully exploited.

She voiced her wish that, in the future, the Ministry of Tourism together with the local authorities will transform the Romanian seaside into an attractive destination at the international level.

„We try to have an attractive tourism, with everything it means, urban planning, prices, services, leisure time spending offers, qualified workforce we need. We attempt to have everything in place at the moment of the implementation of the Law on Tourism”, stressed Elena Udrea.
She said that the Law on Tourism draft is almost ready and it will enter public debate next week.

Elena Udrea noted that she hoped that the law draft will benefit of the needed support, so that it is passed by Parliament.
Travel industry cannot reach a certain quality in the absence of rules and sanctions, Udrea also underlined.

According to the Minister, the law draft on tourism is outlined on the basis of proposals and solutions forwarded by the economic agents operating in the field of tourism.

Elena Udrea wished the participants in the exchange good luck, to conclude as many contracts as possible and to sell their products to the highest number of tourists.

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