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PM Boc: Gov’t should be the first to offer a prime example of efficient public money spending

The draft law concerning the reorganisation of certain public authorities and institutions, the rationing of public spending, the support of the business environment and the observance of the framework agreements with the European Commission and the International Monetary Fund entails taking some measures to discard governmental agencies and taking over for the Budget their revenues, Prime Minister Emil Boc told a joint session of Parliament on Tuesday.

‘Reforming the State is painful and entails taking some decisive measures to disband, reduce or amalgamate governmental agencies and taking over the revenues of the agencies to the Budget, so that the public money may be used in the interest of Romanians and not of some privileged who were lucky to qualify for special laws for sequential management of the money resources,’ said Boc.

He added ‘the Government should be the first to offer a prime example of efficient public money spending.’

‘We all could see the existing slippages, those wages of 38,000-50,000 euros in the system of governmental agencies for their executives. We could also see the waste that existed and that still exists in some places in the use by various agencies of their budgets that are built from the taxes paid by the citizens. These things that have happened for 20 years have to stop,’ said Boc.

The prime minister also said that part of the measures taken by the incumbent Government to this end regard the disbanding of those structures which existence was no longer justified, and also cutting posts at governmental agencies in the central apparatus.

Boc said public spending cuts began right from the start of the new Government, mentioning that the wages in excess of 30,000 euros were cut down to at most 4,800 for agency chiefs and the Prime Minister’s Chancellery was discarded.

He also mentioned that the dignitaries’ wages were frozen and new hiring in the public sector halted, and also that the spending on goods and services was limited in favour of investment, all in an attempt to cut through red tape and make the public sector viable.


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