PM Boc: The Romanian state nowadays is not useful enough to citizens

The Romanian state needs to be reformed because its current construction is not useful enough to citizens, Prime Minister Emil Boc said Tuesday in Parliament, when the Govt took responsibility for three packages of laws on the single salary system, on Education and on restructuring agencies.

„It’s been 20 years since we have gained and regained our freedom. Romania is a free European country. We have gotten rid of the oppressive state but in spite of that today’s state has still inherited plenty of faults.

We will refer today to the single salary law, but also to the agencies that have emerged in our institutional system like mushrooms after a rain shower and have practically paralyzed many state sectors. The Romanian state nowadays is neither European enough, nor useful enough to citizens. The state and not the citizen, has been the great beneficiary of these past 20 years,” Boc explained.

According to the PM, the Romanian state of today is observing the principle ‘”little for many and a lot for few” has worked mostly to its own benefit than to the citizens’ benefit.

„I have heard many governments and politicians saying after 1989 that the Romanian state needs to be reformed. Unfortunately, only talking about it has not changed things in Romania. We have postponed this moment enough; it’s been over 20 years. Now it’s time to really do something.

That’s why, the Govt that I represent does no longer speak about abstract things and does not come before Parliament to make declarations, but comes before you with three major projects designed to reform the Romanian state and for which we urge you to trust us,” the PM said.

He pointed out that fundamental draft laws will affect Romanians’ lives and change them for the better thanks to the fact that the state will change, even if that involves taking measures that are „tougher but more fair for the 22 millions of Romanians.”

„The Govt made up of the Social Democratic Party and the Liberal Democratic Party and which I represent, is based on a partnership for Romania, forged between the two parties, which pledged to reach at least two major goals when they decided to form the Govt: overcome the effects of the economic crisis with the smallest possible consequences for citizens and reforming the Romanian state, that is adopting laws designed to modernize it.

These laws have not been adopted so far because the previous governments lacked the courage to take decisions in these fields over the past 20 years whether we talk about the single salary law, restructuring of agencies or an education law able to fundamentally change the education system. These are things the current Govt is taking responsibility for,” Boc said.

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