President Basescu: 12 important steps in modernising Romania

In 2004 in Romania a new state party was shaping up, President Traian Basescu said on Tuesday in a speech to a joint session of Parliament in which he took stock on his five years in office, adding that 12 important steps in modernising Romania were taken, and also that some objectives were not achieved.

‘Let us remember that Romania of the year 2004 was a country where a new state party was beginning to consolidate arbitrarily that was coordinating high-level corruption, was limiting the freedom of the press and marginalising the Opposition.

In 2004, my victory as the representative of the Justice and Truth Alliance was the victory of the need for change, of the need for opening up the public institutions to the society, and of the need for the public offices to no longer be refuges from justice actions,’ the President said.

He also mentioned 12 important steps in the modernisation of Romania: its accession to the European Union; the judiciary no longer feels apprehension about investigating former and incumbent ministers; the income tax is now at a flat 16 percent; the press enjoys the freedom they want; the truth about the crimes of communism were made public in Parliament; two million of the files of the late Securitatea political police have been turned over to the National Council for the Study of the Securitatea Archives (CNSAS);

Romanians no longer votes party tickets but persons in Parliament; Romania has passed the test of consistency in foreign policy; the Black Sea, the Danube and the Nabucco oil pipeline officially became objects of European projects;

the President of all Romanians made no compromise, not event the compromise of being silent about people and structure he considered part of the wicked system back in 2004; there is a minimum guaranteed pension even for the elderly who did not contribute to the public pension system;

procedures were simplified for former Romanian citizens of Moldova to win back the Romanian citizenship and the number of scholarships for students from Moldova increased.

On the other hand, the President remarked that during his five years in office, no constitutional reform was conducted and no final and binding sentence was passed on high-ranking public officers, which he said is the sole responsibility of judges. At the same time he mentioned that there is still mistrust on the part of Romania’s European partners in Romania’s judiciary.

He pointed out that some months after Romania acceded to the European Union, on January 1, 2007, a parliamentary coalition decided, ‘by ignoring the fundamental law of the state,’ that he should be ousted, and despite the opinion to the contrary of the Constitutional Court, a parliamentary majority voted to suspend him from office.

Basescu also mentioned that five years ago he was sworn in as Romania’s President in Parliament, adding that he is now returning to the elected representatives of the people for an honest stock-taking on his tenure.
The President also said the he wants to use the opportunity of addressing Parliament to share with the Romanian citizens some thoughts about the path on which they walked in the past five years and the future of the nation.

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