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Romanian population up for first time in 6 months

The Romanian population was up for the first time in six months in this July, following a positive natural increase, the National Institute of Statistics (INS) announced on Tuesday.

As many as 21,132 babies were born in July (11.6 live-born babies in 1,000 locals), by 2,654 more than in June, while there were 19,636 deceased (10.8 deaths in 1,000 locals), i.e. by 95 deaths more than in June. As a result, the higher number of live-born babies compared to the deceased – a natural positive increase – prompted the rise in the population by 1,496 persons in July.

The Romanian population dwindled 1,253 persons in June, the Institute announced. There were 185 deaths among under-one-year-olds (8.8 babies in 1,000 live-born babies), up from 178 in June.

There were 18,588 marriages recorded at the registry offices in July (10.2 marriages in 1,000 locals), up 7,422 marriages on the prior month. On the other hand, there were 2,306 divorces pronounced (1.26 divorces in 1,000 locals), by 978 less than in June.

There were by 304 live-born babies in this July from the last, while the number of deaths was by 712 higher on July 2008. The Romanian population grew by 1,496 persons in this July; this compares to an increase of 1,904 persons in July 2008.

The number of under-one-year-olds who died in this July was by 15 babies higher than in last July. There were registered by 86 more marriages in this July from the last, while there were 455 more divorces than in July 2008. The 2008 figures are not final, while the 2009 figures are operative only, the Statistics Institute stressed.


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