Salaries below 705 to see growth in 2010

Salaries and indemnities in the public system, below 705 RON, will see growth in 2010, according to the final draft of the law on the single unitary public pay the Government is to assume responsibility for in the Parliament.

Starting with 2011, the public pay system will be simplified, with a cut to be operated in the number of positions in the public hierarchy, and also with a gradual switch to nominal wages to be staged and with improvement of the hierarchy and degree system in the public sector to follow, according to the abovesaid normative act.

Thus, the value of the hierarchy coefficient will stand at 705 Ron in 2010, 765 lei in 2011, 845 lei in 2012, 935 lei in 2013, 1,015 lei in 2014 and 1,100 lei in 2015. Moreover, the bonuses and indemnities should not exceed 30 percent of the total wage fund allotted to every credit release authority.

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