Thousands of state employees protest in front of Parliament

The protests will not stop here, said Marius Petcu, president of the trade union CNSLR Fratia at the meeting which has started at 3 p.m. in Bucharest in front of Parliament Palace.

Thousands of state employees representing all trade unions confederations, present in Izvor Square asked the Prime Minister Emil Boc not to assume responsibility on the law on the single pay for the state employees, the Law on education and the Law on reshuffling of governmental agencies.
‘I believe that the premier will sacrifice social peace for this package of laws in order to pose before the IMF,’ said Petcu.

Trade unionists called for the renegotiation of the Draft laws on the single pay for employees paid from public funds and its submission for discussion to the Romanian Parliament’s chambers, cessation of layoffs in the state-run sector, non-acceptance of forced unpaid leave.

‘Irrespective of the Parliament’s actions, we’ll continue the protests in order to change the law on single pay for state employees,’ said Liviu Pop, general secretary of trade union confederation FSLI.

‘Our actions have a clear message that we no longer have to accept what the political class imposes. I think that, given the pressure context, the government should reconsider the pay scale. We’ve made enough sacrifices, we no longer want to hear that money has dried up, that we have to sacrifice,’ said Petcu.

Trade unionists of the education sector, public health, interior, other categories of public servants are present in Izvor Square carrying with them paraphernalia symbolizing the burial of the state-run sectors. They are waiting for the arrival of the prime minister who wants to assume responsibility for the three laws, as well as the arrival of President Traian Basescu, who at 7 p.m. local time will address MPs about the foreign policy.

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