As many as 15-20 percent of new energy companies’ shares might be listed with Stock Exchange

The Romanian authorities are taking into account the variant of the listing with the stock exchange of 15-20 percent of the two companies which are to be established in the energy sector, said on Wednesday State Secretary with the Economy Ministry, Tudor Serban, at a news conference on energy issues.

‘We’ll discuss about the possibility to list some 15-20 percent of the new companies on the stock exchange, this is an older variant we’ll discuss about,’ said Tudor Serban.

State Secretary Tudor Serban said that the share of Proprietatea Fund (FP) in the two companies should be dwindled.
‘If Proproietatea fund enters with a share of 20 percent the things might get out of control. 20 percent for Proprietatea Fund is a huge percent. Even 5 percent is a lot. Powerful banks should come and endorse the companies,’ said the state secretary.

He also said that next week the Economy Ministry would call on the organization of a a meeting with the participation of the Ministry of Public Finance and Proprietatea Fund, in order to find a solution as regards Proprietatea Fund.

‘We have to find a solution for the Fund’s participation in the two companies,’ he said. Regarding contracts of Hidroe lectrica which is to be divided in order to enter the new companies Tudor Serban said that they will enter proportionally with the number of gigawatts/hour of the first and the second company.

Proprietatea Fund was established with the aim of compensating people whose properties were abusively taken by the communist regime (1945-1989) and that can no longer be returned in kind.

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