Basescu: Aerostar has adjusted itself to market realities

On a visit to Bacau on Wednesday, President Traian Basescu said that the local Aerostar aircraft manufacturer has managed to adjust itself to the market realities and has now a management that has known how to cope with the crisis in an intelligent manner. ‘Aerostar is prepared both for the external market and to be a supplier to the Romanian Defence Ministry,’ he said.

President Basescu visited Bacau on Wednesday to tour two of the local economic facilities of high local and national importance, Aerostar and Elmet, both specialising in aircraft manufacturing.

Aerostar is one of the most important companies in Romania’s aeronautics industry, contributing nearly 250,000 euros to the local public budget.
The President also visited Elmet, a company that produces electronic parts for the defence industry and the aeronautics industry.

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