Basescu: In my view PD-L – PSD Alliance represented a needed compromise

President Traian Basescu stated that he acted in a „pragmatic” way, when the current ruling coalition was formed, surmounting the political adversities with the Social Democratic Party (PSD, in ruling coalition).

„I considered the ruling alliance between PD-L (the Democrat Liberal Party) and PSD as a needed political compromise concluded in the public interest and I continue to view it in this way”, underlined on Tuesday evening the head of state in front of the two reunited chambers of the Parliament.

He said that from the ideological standpoint he would have preferred a ruling coalition formed of PD-L, the National Liberal Party (PNL, in opposition) and the Democratic Union of Hungarians in Romania (UDMR, in opposition).

„But this was not possible due to refuse of some Liberal leaders to join such a center-right coalition. On the other hand, PSD did not accept UDMR presence in the ruling coalition. Under these conditions, the adopted solution was an emergency one and the need to have a government with a solid parliamentary backing”, explained Basescu.

He stressed in the context that a larger ruling coalition might have been more appropriate, so that it could „attain” the two fundamental objectives in the current period – the state’s reform and curbing the economic crisis effects.


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