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Basescu: Intelligence services return to western organization model

Romanian intelligence services return, as a first after 60 years, to the western organization model, their reform being inspired by similar institutions in the west, stated Tuesday evening President Traian Basescu in the reunited plenary sitting of the two Parliament chambers. Quality increase in the functioning of intelligence services was possible due to their overhaul and rejuvenation, said the head of state.

„The Romanian Supreme Defense Council (CSAT) approved the reconfiguration of intelligence services and some modifications of the functioning and organizing regulations”, pointed out the President, who added that „performances accomplished in the national and international missions show that what had to be done was done”.

The head of state also reminded the episode of the Romanian three journalists’ kidnapping in Iraq. „The intelligence services succeeded through a good collaboration to bring back home the three journalists safe and sound.
This episode proved the capacity of institutions with prerogatives in the national security field to efficiently work together with their West European partners in solving some sensitive issues, such as those connected to the fight against international terrorism agenda”, underscored the President.

Intelligence services opening to the civil society can be also proved by the transfer of the former Securitate files to the National Council for Research on the Communist Secret Service Archives – CNSAS, Traian Base scu added.
He noted that, presided by him, CSAT decided to form the National Intelligence Community, body with the main mission the „integration of information from all the structures”.

Among national security system achievements the President reminded the adoption of Romania’s National Security Strategy which, in his opinion, is „a modern document representing Romania’s current aspirations and covers the Romanian state obligations both in front of own citizens, and in relation to the international alliances and organizations Romania is part of”.

„As CSAT president I had as a priority to ensure the functioning of the national security system institutions, on principles of legality, professionalism and non-involvement at political level”, said Basescu.
The President added that during his mandate Romania proved both at military and informative level that from the strategic standpoint its presence in NATO and the EU is „a gain”.

Romania’s new strategic profile was also strengthened by the manner in which the assumed missions were carried out worldwide, „irrespective they were in Bosnia Herzegovina, Kosovo, Afghanistan or Iraq”. „Our military performance was very good and brought about a series of appreciations at the international level”, stressed Traian Basescu.


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