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Basescu: It is important for Romanian, Hungarian politicians to tone down rhetoric

The ethnic Romanians and Hungarians from Transylvania (central Romania) live in good understanding, and that is why it is important that the politicians tone down their rhetoric and agree on several general principles, President Traian Basescu said in an address to Parliament late on Tuesday.

‘As I have noticed during my numerous visits to Transylvania, the Romanians and Hungarians live in good understanding. There are no major differences among the common people in the regions where mixed ethnic groups live.

Therefore, I believe it is important that the politicians tone down their rhetoric and agree on several general principles, which neither side should abandon’, the president said.

Basescu added that during his visits he often tackled issues relating to the Hungarians’ and Romanians’ access to the public administration in the areas where the ethnic Hungarians form a majority.

‘I truly believe the Romanians and Hungarians in these regions can provide a more balanced representation in the local administrative structures, depending on their ethnic roots and also on competence.

I believe the Romanians in (the counties of) Harghita and Covasna should have equal access to the positions to be filled by a competition in the local administration, the same as the Hungarians in Harghita and Covasna should have access to such positions’, Basescu stressed.

The president reiterated Romania is an independent, sovereign, indivisible state and that the Constitution’s Article 1 cannot be negotiated.
‘As for the local autonomy, I was and I stay a supporter of the decentralisation and of taking the decision-making closer to the citizen, at the level of the local communities’, Basescu pointed out.


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