Basescu: Romania risks population ageing

Romanian President Traian Basescu on Tuesday drew attention in his speech in the Parliament that Romania’s population is continuously shrinking, with the country risking the population to grow old, and also insisted on the need for equitable and coherent social policies.

‘In the latest 20 years, Romania’s population was permanently decreasing. There exist certain studies saying that, if the current level of the total fertility rate is preserved, Romania will have no more than some 16.7 million inhabitants in 2050 and only 11.9 million in 2075,’ Traian Basescu said.

With regards to the economic implications of the populating going old, Basescu said that in his opinion it was crucial a radical restructuring of the pension and social and health insurance systems to be made.

‘The fact that the population is growing old is more obvious in the rural environment, where it generates a high death rate, so that the index of the natural rebirth of the population is quite negative in the villages – of minus 4/1000, while the level is 0 in the urban area,’ the head of the state said.

He also stated that the rural environment has even more serious social problems, with the poor rural population weight registering three times higher values than the same segment in the urban environment. In the context the President drew attention that treating the demographic problem will attract coherent policies related to the migration phenomenon too.

He also added that many of the unsolved problems generated by the transition to market economy were approached by a significant part of the Romanians on their own account, by choosing temporary emigration.

‘The demographic problem needs to be treated in the long run, in the context of the improvement of the mechanism of efficient distribution of resources and the increase in the production profitability rate.

Thus, there is need of efficient use of the human resource, with our strategic objective to be the labour productivity, based on an increase in the performance of the education system, on the background of the improvement in the public policies, creation of jobs in such areas to bring higher value added,’ the head of the state concluded.


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