Basescu: Romanian political class reform cannot shun Parliament

President Traian Basescu told a joint sitting of Parliament on Tuesday that the single vote represents the ‘foundation’ of the political class reform, and he added the reform cannot shun Parliament.

‘The single vote is merely the foundation we backed in order to reform the political class. However, we should not stop at the foundation. That is why I remind you that the reform of the political class cannot shun Parliament. The reform of Parliament should be the next step on the road to reforming the political class’, Basescu stressed.

He insisted that the introduction of the single voting system was a ‘major’ step, but he admitted that such a voting form is ‘perfectible’.
‘Five years ago, Romanians were forced to vote for party lists, although they wanted to vote for people. Now, each of you was elected by the single vote and you have a direct duty to the Romanians who voted for you, not to the party that put you on the list.

The single voting for parliamentarians and for the county council presidents is a perfectible form of voting. I believe a clearer form of the single voting proves necessary’, he stressed.

The president recalled that for the first time in 20 years, in November 2007 the Romanian president called a referendum by which the Romanians had the possibility to choose the form of voting.

Even though the majority of the country’s electors did not turn out to vote in the referendum, ‘it was a success, since more than 80 percent of the Romanians who cast their vote did so in favour of the introduction of the single voting and this showed me we had made the right choice. The Romanians’ wish was enacted at the 2008 local and general elections’, Base scu said.

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