Basescu urges Parliament to facilitate Romanian citize nship granting to those abusively deprived of it

President Traian Basescu urged MPs on Tuesday to speed up the adoption of legislation on the granting of Romanian citizenship to the people abusively deprived of it in the past.

The head of state underlined that the „reevaluation of its relations with the Republic of Moldova and unconditional backing for this country to consolidate its aspiring status to the European Union integration” is a priority for Romania.

„And I address a special request to you, Romania’a Parliament, to follow up the acceleration of the process of granting the Romanian citizenship to those who abusively lost it, and to their families”, said Traian Basescu in his speech given in front of the reunited legislative sitting.

As well, he declared in favor of the promotion of Romania’s national identity within the European Union, as well as inside the country.
Referring to foreign relations, the head of state pointed out as priorities the consolidation of the partnership with the USA, France and the Middle East states.

„We also set as a priority to further consolidate the partnership with the United States of America and France and relations with the Middle East states, Caspian zone and Asia”, said the President.

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