Constantin Nita: IMM do not yet succeed to take work credits, creating them big problems

Minister for Small and Medium Sized Companies, SMEs Constantin Nita, said, on Wednesday, on the occasion of a Romanian-Turkish business forum, that the SMEs in Romania are affected by the difficulties with which they can take operational loans from the commercial banks.

We have serious problems with crediting, notably in the SMEs sector, where, despite the protocols we have with the commercial banks, the SMEs do not succeed more rapidly to take credits, which hardens their activity,” the minister said.

Nita said that the government will continue to keep the flat tax as well as the current level of VAT, even though the countries in the region have modified the tax, but it will also eliminate the minimum tax as of Jan 1, exactly for supporting the SMEs sector in Romania and for attracting foreign investors especially in the sector of SMEs.

The minister also announced that as of Oct 1 the non-taxation of the reinvested profit in technology will come into force, as another measure in support of the investment in the SMEs sector.

Turkey is one of the biggest trade partners in the region. The volume of the bilateral trade links was higher than 7.5 billion dollars, in 2008. The total value of the Turkish investment in Romania, the country with the highest zonal interest for the Turkish investors exceeded five billion dollars.

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