Geoana: Basescu wants to chase PSD out of Gov’t and PM Boc out of office

President Traian Basescu has a plan to chase the Social Democratic Party (PSD) out of the Government and Prime Minister Boc out of office, PSD chief Mircea Geoana claimed on Wednesday at the central offices of the party in Bucharest.

He also claimed that the only reason why the Democrat-Liberals, PSD’s partners in the ruling coalition, would vote for a motion of censure against the Government would be to carry out such a plan of the President.

‘The only reason why the MPs of the Democratic-Liberal Party (PD-L) would vote for a motion of censure would be to continue Traian Basescu’s plan to get rid of PSD and Prime Minister Emil Boc.

I do not think that, beyond the pacifying speech to Parliament, anyone doubts Traian Basescu’s plan to get rid of the PSD and Boc. Now is the time when that is being attempted, but I do not believe any rational person would bring the plan to fruition,’ said Geoana.

He also urged the media and the public opinion to watch and see whether or not the plan will happen, warning bout increased risk of instability if the plan succeeds.

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