Meeting of Lisbon committee presided by Minister Vasile Puscas

Head of the Department for European Affairs, DAE, minister Vasile Puscas, led on Wednesday, the meeting of the Lisbon Committee, at the level of state secretaries, dedicated to an analysis of the stage of implementation of the measures of the National Reform Programme, said DAE in a release.

According to it, during the talks, that were held at DAE hqs, an analysis has been made, regarding the stage of implementation of the measures of the National Programme of Reforms according to the Lisbon Agenda and of the way in which they can be structured for the annual report that will be presented to the European Commission on Oct 15.

On this occasion, minister Puscas asked all those involved in the drawing up of the report to place emphasis on the inter-institutional cooperation, „for the final result to have a coherent and integrated form.”.

„It is very important for Romania to be able to support elements of quality in the report, and not only elements connected to facts, because of the way in which we present ourselves as a country there will depend our position and credibility in the negotiations on the financial package for 2014- 2020, as well as the themes essential for the future of the Romanian citizens.

The home progress, the impact the reforms have on the citizens and the social and economic environment will offer us the best arguments for negotiating,” said minister Puscas.

The report for the current year, of implementation of the National Programme of Reforms, will present the progress made by Romania, Oct 1, 2008 – Oct 1, 2009, and the drawing up of the document will use as a working instrument, the plan of action for the implementation of PNR 2009- 2010 (PA), under the coordination of DAE.

The main actions taken into account by Romania, for 2009, have been focused on four key fields of the National Reform Programme, namely the administrative capacity at central and local level, the fiscal-budget policy, the business environment, employment and education.

Other actions regard the viability on long term of the public finance, the performance in the field of research- development, infrastructure, the IT&C, the energy efficiency.

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