PNL deems motion of censure will not pass

Liberal Party (PNL)’s leader Crin Antonescu on Wednesday said that the motion of censure which liberals plan to table will not pass, because social- democrats will note vote for it.

He said, however, that the role of the motion which the National Liberal Party is to table is not necessarily that of removing the incumbent Government, but is rather a gesture through which liberals object against the Government’s decision of assuming responsibility for the three laws.

‘I believe the censure motion won’t pass, because the Social Democratic Party will continue to act as it did one day ago. In my capacity of representative of the opposition is to take a stand on this reality.

President of PNL stressed also the variant according to which the censure motion will pass, saying this would be a good thing, because Romania would get rid of the most incapable and impudent government since Barbu Catargiu onwards.

Crin Antonescu pointed out that beyond its chances to pass, the motion also has the role of proving that liberals are not just disguised PD members (democrats) and they aren’t making any mean schemes.

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