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Romanians in Moldova must feel they have Romania as an ally, says Traian Basescu

The Romanians living in the Republic of Moldova must feel they have Romania as an ally they can rely on, said President Traian Basescu in the speech he delivered in the plenary meeting of the two chambers of Parliament on Tuesday evening.

„The Romanians in the Republic of Moldova must feel they have Romania as an ally they can rely on. All these five years we have been working to prove that Romania is such an ally.

Following the message to the two chambers of Parliament on April 14, 2009, and I am thanking you for what is going to come, we managed to achieve two targets: to increase the number of young people coming from the Republic of Moldova to be admitted to universities – this year there were one more thousand – and to simplify the bureaucratic procedures meant to help get the citizenship back,” said the President.

He added that the reality of the past 10 years indicated another priority: protection of the Romanians working in European Union member states.
„They must know they are respected, that all European citizens are equal. We have witnessed excessive or abusive interpretations of some European regulations referring to the free movement of citizens. We have much responsibility in signalling and doing our best to prevent such situations.

The Romanian communities abroad must be supported in a more visible way by the Romanian State,” also said the President. Traian Basescu mentioned the fact that the relation with the diaspora was one of the priorities of his mandate as President and that every time when he visited countries in whose territory there were such communities he had a constructive dialogue with their representatives.

„My wish is that all the people feeling they are Romanian, no matter where they live, should feel they belong to the same people: the Romanian people. Observing the rights of the Romanian communities in the near vicinity of Romania – the Republic of Moldova, Ukraine, Serbia, Hungary – was a constant subject on my agenda,” said the Head of State.

The President added that he paid special attention to the Romanians in the Republic of Moldova and Ukraine, where there were „the most numerous historical communities outside the borders.”

„We have permanently supported the European aspirations of the citizens in the Republic of Moldova, but it was difficult to give a more substantial support to the process of coming closer to Europe as long as the former Moldovan authorities did not fulfil their pledges in this respect,” also said Traian Basescu.


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