Trade between Romania and Turkey goes down 50 percent in H1

The trade between Romania and Turkey registered a 50 percent fall in H1 2009, but the authorities in the two countries will try growth up to a volume of ten billion dollars, in 2010.

„We want in 2010 the bilateral trade to reach 10 billion dollars, but we are worried that in six months we reported a fifty percent fall, taking into account the economic crisis. It is necessary to identify new opportunities of cooperation with Turkey, because, unfortunately, there is a great imbalance between the companies with Turkish capital present in Romania, that are 11,000 and the only one hundred companies from Romania present in Turkey,” said minister for SMEs, Constantin Nita, on the occasion of an economic forum between Romania and Turkey, held in Bucharest.

The official mentioned that 70 percent of the exports of Romania to Turkey are focused on four kinds of products, namely common metals, mineral products, electrical equipment, and 65 percent of the exports of Turkey to Romania are focused equally on three big categories of products, finished ones, in particular.

State minister for foreign trade of Turkey Zafer Caglayan said that, taking into account the fact that Turkey ranks fourth in the classification of the trade between Romania and other countries, in the future there are big opportunities for an increase in the bilateral trade.

If in 1993, the trade stood at only 300 million dollars, last year they reached 7.4 billion dollars, and I hope that in 2010, despite the difficult economic international climate, we can have bilateral trade worth ten billion dollars and why not, the doubling of this figure in five years,” said the Turkish official.

He mentioned that he was expecting from the Romanian officials an answer worth of Turkey regarding the granting of visas for Turkish bus inesspeople, notably after the government in Ankara decided the granting of visas for Romanians directly at the border with Turkey.

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