Traian Basescu favour equal pensioning age for women and men

Traian Basescu favours the necessity of equalizing the pensioning age between women and men, with the measure necessary for the sustainability of the pension fund.

The president said on Wednesday, at Moinesti, north-east of Bucharest, that Romania has to take measures for keeping in activity for a reasonable period of time, the workforce it has, otherwise, against the background of the population growing older, there appears an „imbalance” in the obligations of social payments, the pension fund, in particular.

„The more we set the age limit lower, and farther from the European limits, the more the effort on the pension fund is higher. (…), said the head of state.
He mentioned, in context, that in the first six months this year transferred from the state budget was to the pension budget over one billion euros, and until the end of the year, the sum will be of 2.5 billion euros.

Basescu mentioned that the equalization of the pensioning age between men and women has to be made gradually until 2015, stressing that, if we look at the life expectancy, we can see it is higher for women.”
„At the same time, one can speak of the equality in rights and women have the right to work until 65 years.

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