Traian Basescu: New education law to treat pupil and teacher on equal footing

The new education law, that will be at the basis of the evolution of the Romanian nation will treat the pupil and the teacher on an equal footing, said, on Wednesday, president Traian Basescu, on the occasion of a meeting he had in Moinesti, north-east of Bucharest, with teachers from the county of Bacau.

The head of state has been told that the current education system in Romania no longer corresponds to any European criterion, but the new legislation will bring back the beneficiary of education in focus.

„But unfortunately, the Romanian education system did not place the beneficiary, the child, the pupil, the student, first, but the teacher. Because the politicians and the trade unions were in cahoots.

Starting from the influence the teachers always have, concessions have been made from the political side and the last that remained to be paid attention to has been the pupil (…).

The new law will generate a flexible system of education that will have as the main players in focus, the pupil and the teacher,” said the head of state.

He voiced conviction that the only solution for taking out of the depreciation the Romanian system of education is its reform, which will lead to the increase in the performance of teachers, with school getting closer to the community and having more autonomy.

Traian Basescu also voiced conviction that the teachers, who have always been the promoters of the reforming of Romania, will play, this time, too, this role and will support the reform of the system of education.

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