Traian Basescu: No unemployment in education

President Traian Basescu is of the opinion that the reforming of the system of education will not have as a consequence the rise in unemployment among the teaching staff, but their retraining on other positions in the system.

„I should like to remove the fear related to the curriculum reform. There are very many who oppose such a reform thinking of a cut in the number of jobs. That is how it is, insead of 12 disciplines in high school, there will only be six of seven, and it is clear that part of the teaching staff can dissapper…

But those who will remain without chairs can get re-trained on the money of the state, for getting other posts,” said president Basescu, mentioning that the mandatory education will be of ten years and a preparatory year will precede school.

Basescu also mentioned that for the re-training of the teaching staff, the European Union allocated 3.2 billion lei. In this context, the president remarked that in Romania there is now an „abnormal” process, with the number of children having gone down continually, but the number of the teaching staff increased.

„I would say that this blanket covering the system of education has to be taken away,” the head of state also said.
In his opinion, the new Law of education, assumed on Tuesday by the Government will give the teachers a possibility to be paid function of performance.

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