Traian Basescu set priorities: Unicameral legislative and CSM restructuring

President Traian Basescu presented on Tuesday to parliamentarians his set priorities, of passing from a bicameral Parliament to an unicameral one, as well as the restructuring of the Upper Magistracy Council (CSM).

Traian Basescu reasoned that the request for the Constitution modification in view to adopt an unicameral legislative is based on the fact that, after the enactment of the Lisbon Treaty, the national parliaments of the member states will co-legislate at the European Union level, alongside the EU legislature.

„When the Lisbon Treaty will be enforced, practically Romania is to have a chamber in Brussels and in Strasbourg. Because the Parliament in Strasbourg and Brussels – depending where the sittings are organized – becomes a co-participant in exercising power together with the European Council and the European Commission. Which automatically means a partnership between the Parliament in Bucharest and the European Parliament”, explained Traian Basescu.

According to the head of state, a constitutional reform should also approach the „clarification of relations between the state powers, as well as the establishment of mechanisms for the unblocking of the political crises, for the clarification of the president’s mediating prerogatives between the state powers, but also between the state powers and society”.

At the same time, Traian Basescu presented another priority in front of the Parliament, namely the change of the Upper Magistracy Council (CSM) structure because a third of CSM members must be representatives of the civil society.

Basescu also proposed to senators and deputies the „urgent adoption of the penal and civil procedure codes, so that justice has the needed instruments for solving the cases filed with the courts in a reasonable frame of time”.

Another legislative priority invoked by Traian Basescu refers to the adoption of the Fiscal Responsibility Law, as well as legislation simplification in all fields, including in the fiscal one.

„As a matter-of-fact, due to a multitude of normative acts in each domain, both justice and the economic agents, as well as the control bodies are frequently confronted with various interpretations following ill-defined phrasing and many times contradictory”, said Traian Basescu.

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