Traian Basesscu: Romania has well-defined international profile

At present Romania has a well-defined international profile, said President Traian Basescu on Tuesday evening in the message he conveyed to the plenary meeting of the two chambers of Parliament, when he surveyed Romania’s main foreign policy guidelines and the most significant moments as regards international relations in the past five years.

He said that Romania’s accession to the European Union was the result of a substantial domestic and foreign policy effort, which took many years to make and to which all political parties contributed side by side with the Romanians. „Today our country has a well-defined international profile,” appreciated the Head of State.

Basescu said that „the full recognition of Romania as a credible and predictable state” came at the same time with the NATO summit, which was a reconfirmation of this country’s position on the international stage.
President Basescu made it clear that, during this span of time, they developed the relations with the European and North American partners as well as with friendly countries on all continents.

„In this respect I should especially mention the consolidation of the strategic partnership with the United States of America as well as the development of some similar partnerships with the French Republic and the Republic of Korea.

Next month Romania will conclude a strategic partnership with Poland, which will give new valences to our efforts in the European Union and in the neighbourhood,” added Basescu. In this respect he emphasized the fact that common interests referring to the citizens’ safety and prosperity underlay the consolidation of the strategic partnership with the US.

„From the beginning of my mandate I thought that, besides the presence in the Euro-Atlantic structures, it was only a consolidated relation with the US that can give Romania the long-term security guarantees we need. In this respect mention should be made of signing, in 2005, the agreement between Romania and the US on the activity of the US forces stationed in Romania’s territory.

On the basis of the agreement American military operate and are trained, together with Romanian soldiers, in the military facilities in Dobrogea,” said President Basescu.

The Head of State mentioned again the fact that Romania was part of the Nabucco project although it is a project about which many Romanian politicians and analysts are quite skeptical.

„But Nabucco is under way. After a huge diplomatic effort made by the states participating in the project they recently signed, in Ankara, the agreement on building the natural gas pipeline.

The country’s energy security is a priority and must stay a priority not only in order to ensure the diversification of sources and the necessary consumption but also in order to preserve the national sovereignty and the autonomy of the decisions made by Romania’s governments,” said Basescu.

He added that Romania „managed to include the Black Sea issue on the agenda of the European Union” and said it was crucial for Romania that a space of security and prosperity should exist at the border of the EU and NATO.

As for the Russian-Georgian conflict Basescu emphasized the fact that his country again confirmed its capacity for expertise referring to this area „as well as the correctness of the strategic estimates it made when it described the numerous frozen conflicts” around the Black Sea as a risky element for the national security and peace in the region.

„We need Russia in solving these security problems: but Russia must play this part in high responsibility and good faith. Romania wants a pragmatic relation based on confidence and observance of the mutual interests with the Russian Federation,” said President Basescu.

The Head of State revealed the fact that, following Romania’s diplomatic efforts too, they launched such processes as the Black Sea Forum for Partnership and Dialogue, the Black Sea Euro¬Region under the aegis of the Council of Europe, the Black Sea Synergy within the European Union, the project on a strategy of the Union in the Danube region.

Basescu also mentioned the fact that, during his mandate, the Romanian State got a favourable ruling made by the Court in The Hague in the difference with Ukraine on the delimitation of the continental shelf and the exclusive economic zone in the Black Sea.
„It was a difficult effort, which was carried out successfully by a new generation of excellent diplomats. Romania’s victory in The Hague is only an example confirming what Romania can do if we know how to defend our rights.

As in the case of Romania’s stand on the status of the province of Kosovo Romania’s victory in The Hague demonstrates the soundness of the approach we have been supporting all these years in the relations among states: the one of the supremacy of international law, of the force of law instead of the law of force, as Nicolae Titulescu put it,” added Traian Basescu.

He also emphasized the fact that the relations with the states in the Caucasus and Central Asia were extended and at the end of this month a partnership with the Republic of Azerbaijan would be signed.

„The frequent visits paid to the Middle East and the Gulf region stand proof to the fact that the problems of this region have never been and cannot be devoid of importance to us. We want to promote more carefully and, where it is necessary, to find again the previous intensity of the relations with these states,” added Basescu.

According to him, China’s scope and dynamism „intensify the extension of traditional relations,” but also that they want the speedy development of the relations with Japan, the Republic of Korea, India and other Asian states.

Traian Basescu mentioned again that, in his capacity as chairman of the Supreme Council for the Country’s Defence, he approved the withdrawal of the Romanian troops from Iraq this summer.

„This decision made on the basis of the memorandum signed with the Iraqi Government marks the end of the most complex mission of the Romanian Army after the Second World War. Over 4,800 Romanian military proved that Romania can keep its word as an ally and successfully fulfilled their duty for six years under difficult conditions.
I am bending my knees in memory of the military that died in Iraq and Afghanistan, that died in action under the colours of the homeland,” said Traian Basescu.

The Head of State added that, despite „the numerous attempts made these years to give a political character to the Romanian soldiers’ presence in Iraq,” he himself was the supporter of keeping one’s promise.

„I appreciated that the obligations assumed during President Ion Iliescu’s mandate were Romania’s obligations and they must be fulfilled no matter whether today, after we joined the NATO and the EU, they are to our liking or not, be it in connection with our commitments in the Western Balkans or in Afghanistan,” said President Basescu.

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