Basescu: I don’t believe there are reasons for not being extended second IMF tranche

President Traian Basescu on Thursday said in an interview for the public radio station that he did not believe there are reasons Romania shouldn’t receive the second instalment from the International Monetary Fund, stressing that if the money doesn’t come, the situation will be difficult.

‘The fund will make an assessment on our meeting the objectives. I hope there’s won’t be any risk of not getting the money, particularly as the Government has met its tasks.

The macroeconomic situation is much better than in February, Romania’s rating was upgraded from the viewpoint of investors’ confidence, although I think there are not reasons to believe we won’t receive the second instalment from the IMF.

Next week the meetings of the IMF delegations with the Government’s representatives will continue in view to the granting of the second instalment of the loan, that will be used for salaries and pensions.

‘Me and the Government have asked the International Monetary Fund that the second instalment, that should have gone to the National Bank of Romania, for the banks to draw it from the central bank, to be directed to the state budget instead, because the main objective we established was to not cut employees’ salaries, to not delay pensions and to maintain investments,’ said Basescu.

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