Basescu: I’m afraid of a solid political hallmark at the top of the judiciary

President Traian Basescu on Thursday said in an interview for the public radio station that he was afraid of a solid political hallmark at the top of the judiciary, adding that he was very cautious on starting talks with those who declare themselves the real leaders of people working in the judiciary.

He said that this issue was confirmed by the fact that, although the term-in-office of Nicolae Popa, former president of the High Court of Cassation and Justice, ended on September 1 and although his successor should have been proposed within 30 days, the goal was that Lidia Barbulescu become interim for a 6-month period.

Traian Basescu said that this happened because a group of important judges wanted the president of the high Court of Cassation and Justice to be designated by another head of the state not by the current one.
He said that sooner or later there political parties, too, would have some reactions pertaining to this issue.

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