Basescu: No member of my family broke the law

Romanian President Traian Basescu on Wednesday evening told the public TV channel that he guarantees for all his family members they do not broke the law or ‘took advantage of the state.’

‘I want you to know refusing compromise cost us very much. Only if you look at the denigrations and attacks towards my family and you will see,’ Traian Basescu said.

‘My daughter, a public notary… You will sea that the corrupted system tried to convince her that he worked for the Baneasa neighborhood. A lie… ,’ the head of the state said.

Basescu also said that probably many attacks addressed to member of his family will appear in the media in the following weeks.

‘My brother had a bad inspiration when he associated with a company organizing exhibitions, but he had nothing to do with the operations related to the weapons. This was the CAEN Code, a code that is not given by the Ministry of Defence, but that one can take from the Chamber of Commerce. It was not a lying campaign.’ Base scu said.

He also said that the ‘corrupted system’ fabricated lies, but it found nothing illegal in the end in the activity of the President, it made no arrangements and had no little arrangements with the companies.

‘Remember that there was a time when the same system said: constructors around Basescu … the kings of the asphalt … None of these people worked for the Ministry of Transportation while I was Minister. They all started to work with the Ministry after I left.

Though, such public constructions, come from one direction: for I didn’t make compromise with compromised people during my term in office they tried to build a false compromise and, I have to admit, with plenty of success,’ Traian Basescu said.

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