CSM Chairman hopes Gov’t will give up its ‘arrogant, hostile and cynical attitude’

Chairman of the Supreme Council of Magistrates (CSM) Virgil Andreies on Thursday said he hopes that Government will give up its ‘arrogant, hostile and cynical’ attitude toward the issues facing the judiciary and the magistrates’ grievances.

‘I hope that now the Government will give up its arrogant, hostile and cynical attitude toward the judiciary. Its attitude was arrogant when considering the grievances of the judiciary some months ago.

It was cynical at least when it transferred the stamp fees from the judiciary to the local authorities for electoral purposes when the courthouses could not operate for lack of summons. It was hostile when negotiating wages, where we barely accepted to take part. On the other hand, I believe we have to find a solution today,’ said Andreies.

Some hours after his statement, magistrates from all over the country came up to the CSM meeting to complain that their grievances were not met. Chairman Andreies told them that, beside his call to the other state powers to establish and follow a schedule of talks to resolve the system’s problems and prove openness toward the defusing of the conflict, the Council should signal to the magistrates that they must return to courthouses and stop protesting.

‘In my soul of judge I believe our place is in the courthouse, but the two have to happen at the same time,’ he said.
Andreies also congratulated all of Romania’s magistrates for their firmness and solidarity in defending their independence these days, saying that was the biggest gain of the protest, which started being taken seriously.

He added that the magistrates are protesting with all their heart and might because for eight years they have been ‘offended, besmeared and publicly humiliated.’

The CSM chairman also mentioned that it should be understood that judges and prosecutors are faced with workloads that exceed their biological capabilities.

In relation to the proposal by judge Dan Lupascu that the magistrates’ labour action be internationalised and a delegation of protesters go to Brussels, Andreies said he informed the Justice Ministry of Sweden, the country currently holding the rotating presidency of the European Union, which promised to make the situation known in the EU.

Andreies on Wednesday invited the representative of the European Commission in Bucharest to a meeting early next week where also attending will be officials of magistrates’ associations.


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