Daciana Sarbu interpellates EC on biological agriculture

MEP of the Social Democratic Party Daciana Sarbu, who is on the Committee on Agriculture and Rural Development of the European Parliament, on Thursday asked the European Commission (EC) a written question about the measures taken by the community executive for encouraging biological agriculture.

According to a press release issued by the Romanian MEP, in this context Daciana Sarbu emphasized the necessity of a more substantial support to producers.

„The biological agriculture is closely connected to the following words: food safety (which implies the lack of pesticide residues, the lack of ingredients containing chemicals) and health.

This is why it is not fair to put it on one of the last places on the list of the EU priorities. In the measures we take in order to promote a sustainable agriculture, I think that we should encourage the extension of the areas with bio-crops and give a more substantial support to producers,” reads the question asked of the EC.

Starting from the fact that there are disparities among the member states as regards the aid given and that it is necessary to improve the norms and systems of inspection in use in biological agriculture, Deputy Daciana Sarbu asked the European Commission if it intended to create special funds for encouraging the extension of biological agriculture and for supporting production.

The community executive is also interpellated on the possible harmonization, all over Europe, of the aid given to bio farmers, and on the steps the EU envisages in order to support the improvement of the norms and systems of inspection in use by the member states in ecoological agriculture.

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