Effects of economic revival to be discussed in Brussels, says president Basescu

The effects of the revival plans on the European economy, and the examination of the further necessary measures will be the top priority issues to be approached at the Brussels reunion, president Traian Basescu said on Thursday, at the Henri Coanda Intl. Airport in Bucharest, before taking off for Brussels, where he is to participate in the informal reunion of the heads of states and governments with the European Union Member States.

„Definitely, the issues to be approached and which we shall comply upon are the outcomes of the revival plans upon the status of the European and global economy and the examination of the further necessary measures, the coordinated definition of the strategies of getting out from the anti- crisis plans”, the Romanian head of state said.

He added that other issues aimed at are the ones in connection with the international financial bodies’ reform, and said that it is wished to be found a common approach as regards the energetic security and the fight against climate changes.
„Finally, the last issue to be debated will be the stage of finalization of the multilateral commercial negotiations within the second round. And these are the objectives”, the president stated.

The chief of state will be accompanied by the Finance minister Gheorghe Pogea.
The president is to be back home on Friday, probably at 2.00 a.m.

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