Ilie Sarbu: Money from Brussels comes for agriculture

Minister of Agriculture Ilie Sarbu said, on Tuesday, at Stefanesti, southern Romania, that one of his biggest satisfactions is the fact that the European money has been unblocked and has started to come to the sector of agriculture, with an example in this respect being the unblocking of the Sapard project, as well as other projects still running.

During a meeting with representatives of the rural area, who have accessed European funds through Measure 112, the minister of Agriculture mentioned a series of projects for the future, which the institution he is leading takes into account, stressing nevertheless the necessity of a continuity in this respect, because, in „the period 2004-2008, four ministers represented four big changes in the system, with very many problems.”

Among these projects, there are the introduction of the Internet in villages during next year, for them there exists a European programme worth 102 million euros, as well as the modernization of the animal farms.

Ilie Sarbu participated at Stefanesti, along with president of the Social-Democratic Party Mircea Geoana and of other leaders of the central and local community, in a debate in which present were tens of farmers, who have accessed 25.000 euros each, through measure 112, that is part of the measures implemented starting with the year 2008, through the National Programme of Rural Development and Fishing.

The total cost of the project is of 337.2 million euros, for some 13,600 farmers, accessible until 2013. The public expenses (EU + the national budget) is of 337.2 million euros, and until now, there are 661 projects submitted, worth 13.8 million euros, while the contracted projects stand at 447, worth nine million euros.

The beneficiaries of the support are natural persons aged under forty years, who have to become for the first time heads of the exploitation they submit the file for.

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