PNL, UDMR table motion of censure with Parliament’s standing bureaus

The motion of censure called ‘ The Democratic-Liberal Party (PD-L) – Social Democratic Party (PSD) Government have decided: instead of working in vain, better working less and bad,’ initiated by the opposition National Liberal Party (OPNL) and the Hungarian Democratic Union of Romania (UDMR) was tabled on Thursday with the standing bureaus of the two chamber of Parliament, deputy leader of the PNL MP group Eugen Nicolaescu reports.

The motion argues that the law on the uniform pay in the public sector contains provisions that are so bad that it has to be stopped so as to avoid aggravating people’s problems.

The motion’s signatories, 121 MPs, argue that a uniform pay law cannot be implemented in a time of economic recession, only in times of economic growth, because only in such times can the private sector assimilate the human potentials laid off from the public sector.
The PNL and UDMR signatories also argue that the PSD – PD-L Government has destroyed the ‘progressive course’ the Romanian society embarked on in 2004.

They say they support a uniform pay law but not now. In their opinion, the law in the form for which the Government assumed responsibility, ‘institutionalises theft from Romanians’ pockets.’

PNL and UDMR also claim that the Government’s statement that under the new payment law wages will be frozen but they will not decrease is a lie.
The motion also argues that the new law turns the clock of public system 20 years back, commits ‘crime against future generations,’ and ‘encourages the export of Romanian intelligence.’ ‘This normative act is part of the moral tax pledged by the Government to the International Monetary Fund,’ reads the motion.

The protesters also say the uniform pay law is setting various professional categories against one another and ‘divides poverty fairly in Romania.’
PNL and UDMR are urging Government in their motion to step down, because there are many social and professional categories that no longer feel their interests are represented by it. The motion also calls on PSD and PD-L MPs to vote for the motion of censure. If the motion passes, the Government has to resign.

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