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President Basescu about his speech in Parliament

President Traian Basescu stated on Wednesday evening, on the public TV channel, that he was giving the speech in front of the reunited plenary of the two chambers of Parliament because it looked to him as mandatory to present a personal standpoint on the period when he held the head of state office, at the end of his mandate.

„Iťs deemed mandatory (…) to leave my standpoint at the end of my mandate about this period, and not the points of view presented by moguls’ TV channels”, stated the President.

The head of state stressed that, for four years and a half,,he was „minced and discredited” by some TV stations and that is why he wished that a summary of his mandate remain as an official document, because every speech given by the President in the Legislative is published by the Official Gazette.

„I had the obligation to leave at the end of my first mandate a fair point of view, which will remain in the Official Gazette (…) and will represent a reference for my mandate, and not what Vantu or Voiculescu said”, maintained Traian Basescu.

Referring to Romania’s accession to the European Union, the head of state said that it was successful because all the Romanian state institutions collaborated to this end – Presidency, Government and Parliament – pointing out that the President was not an outsider, but an insider with a very great influence both at home, through the pressure applied on the respective institutions, and within all his meetings in the European Council, where he came with arguments in favor of Romania.

„When I took over the mandate the big question mark was: „Do we enter the EU on Jan. 1, 2007? Do we enter in 2008? Or God knows when?” because we had a lot of red flags on justice and that generated the speeding up of some laws during Monica Macovei mandate (as minister of justice – editor’s note).

There were also a lot of red flags on environment, on agriculture, presented by TV channels and we had to fight to eliminate all those flags”, reminded the head of state.

As for the flat tax of 16 percent, Traian Basescu said that this measure was one of the „forte” ideas of his electoral campaign in 2004 also included in the governing programme.

„I made that promise in the electoral campaign and it was fulfilled. (…) The objective, beyond the reduction of taxation in order to boost investments, was also to increase Romanians’ income. Romanians’ wages were no longer taxed heavily”, said Basescu, adding that this measure was backed by Tariceanu Government and was imposed to the current ruling coalition, the flat tax going to be applied, according to the President, as long as he is to keep the head of state office.


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