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Republic of Moldova, first beneficiary of Romanian ODA funds

The Republic of Moldova is the main beneficiary of the funds Romania will allot for development assistance (ODA), being followed by Serbia and Georgia, according to the director of the Department for Assistance in Development under the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MAE) Mihaela Rutjens.

Rutjens on Thursday opened the works of the 2nd edition of the Romanian School of Development, to be carried out over September 17-19 in the southeastern Romanian city of Constanta.

The event will bring together representatives of the Foreign Affairs Ministries in the new EU member states: Poland, the Czech Republic, Hungary, Slovakia, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania and also professors from the states with experience in the field of development assistance – Sweden, Germany, France, as well as the European Commission.

‘We are neither a big neither even a medium donator, for we do not have enough human resources neither enough financial resources, but our objectives to get the best results with the funds we have. We do not have much money, but we will try to use it efficiently,’ Mihaela Rutjens said.

Thus, Romania will grant development assistance to the Republic of Moldova for projects worth more than 1 million dollars, with 592,000 dollars to be used for creating new opportunities for the young and for the women;

more than 230,000 dollars will be used for local development, 207,000 dollars to finance the civil society and almost 150,000 dollars will be invested in drinking water systems in the rural areas.
Moreover, Serbia will receive almost 600,000 dollars to consolidate trading justice and rural networks.

The third beneficiary is Georgia, with Romania to grant assistance worth more than 440,000 dollars to develop this region.
Romania’s status as country being assisted changed in 2007, when the country integrated with the European Union, becoming thus donator.
Thus, Romania will contribute 0.17 of its National Gross Product (NGP) till 2010 and 0.33 percent ill 2015.

The Romanian Foreign Affairs Ministry is the coordinator of the international cooperation policy for development of Romania and also of the special budget financing development assistance granted to other countries.

Thus, according to the data provided by MAE, Romania contributed in 2007 0.07 percent of the NGP, which is the equivalent of 80 million euros, which were redirected towards the budget of the European Union, 5 million euros respectively, injected in various agencies and multilateral programmes.

In 2008, Romania contributed 94 million euros to the ODA.
In 2000, 189 states members of the United Nations Organization adopted the Millennium Declaration and the 8 Objectives, as monitoring instruments.

The 8 objectives are: reducing world poverty, universal access to the primary education system, promotion of equality between sexes and fight for women’s rights, fighting child death, improving maternal health, fighting HIV and tuberculosis, providing environment safety, creating a global development partnership.


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