Sales figure of cars down in Romania

Only 6 percent of the Romanians answered to a MotoBus poll conducted by GfK Romania that they could buy a car in the next six months, compared with 9 percent last year.

Nevertheless, in the case of the adult population the percentage of those who could buy a car in the above said interval goes up to 30.
As many as 37 percent of the Romanians are currently owners of a personal car, especially in the Bucharest and in the urban area in general. The most preferred brands are Volkswagen, Logan and Open, accounting for almost 60 percent of the preferences of Romanians, followed by such brands like Audi and BMW.

Nevertheless, more than a half of the Romanians are currently owning a Dacia (13 percent Logan and 40 percent other Dacia models), followed by Volkswagen and Opel.

As many as 55 percent of the Romanians said they might buy a second hand car, especially those living in such regions of the country closer to the Western border. Romanians prefer to pay cash for their new car (with this figure having increased by 6 percent in 2008), especially those living in the rural are.

The most important criteria taken into account in choosing the car are the advantageous price (36 percent), the low consumption (24 percent), and the brand (18 percent), while the fuel used, the model and the advantageous costs of the repair service count less. Compared with the men, the women are more interested in such aspects as the colour and the safety elements of the car they will drive.

MotoBus is a study monitoring, on a monthly basis, the evolution of the car park in Romania, taking into account also such variables as the probability to buy a car, the criteria taking into account when buying a car, the already owned brand and the desired brand, the payment modalities or the demographic profile of the car owners. The representative sample nationwide stands at almost 2,000 subjects interviewed every month, with the interval being July 2008-July 2009.

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